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NCHA Mission Statement

"The NCHA promotes and celebrates the cutting horse, whose origin on Western ranches allows us to support ranching and its western heritage. By establishing rules for the conduct of cutting horse shows, NCHA strives to give cutters a level playing field and a progressive class structure, which accommodates everyone from the beginner to the advanced competitor. NCHA draws on the diverse talents and background of its members, and encourages their participation in helping it achieve these goals."

The Competition

The rider selects one cow from the herd of 60, separates a cow from the herd and prevents the cow from returning. The cow’s instinct is to return to the herd. Trained cutting horses are incredibly intelligent and instinctive athletes. The competition is judged based on difficulty and how well the horse anticipates and reacts. This is the only equine competition where the horse is required to think. 

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Our Audience

NCHA fans enjoy the sport of cutting across the globe in North and South America, Australia and Europe, with a love of the Western lifestyle and horses in common. NCHA is composed of more than 15,000 affluent, rural horsemen and women with large, close families, who lead a very active Western lifestyle focused on the cutting horse. NCHA member demographics compare strongly with other equine sports associated with the luxury lifestyle, such as polo and thoroughbred racing.

Members, Affiliates, and Trainers

There are more than 15,000 members of the NCHA that occupy 50 states and 20 countries.

Trainers originally were employed by ranchers and, over time, progressed into the professional trainers of today. Today, trainers have various backgrounds with one thing in common: love for the horse. Professional trainers develop intelligent, agile and athletic horses and are the experts in:

  • Equine health care
  • Cutting and training techniques
  • Equine nutrition
  • Transportation

Top earners in the NCHA have earned nearly 50% more than the top-earning athletes in associations such as PRCA or PBR.

The heart and soul of the NCHA are our affiliates, who create the first impression with cutting horse fans. There are 103 Affiliates globally, producing over 1,300 NCHA events annually and operate progressive competition classes so everyone has a level playing field. They have one-on-one relationships with prospective new members as well as current members and fans.


NCHA also has a youth division, which is designed to provide an engaging western lifestyle experience through two strategies: 

COMPETITION - Western sports competition opportunities: local, regional and national NCHA events.

LIFE EXPERIENCE - Life experience foundation to include: leadership, social interaction, lifelong friendships, family, education, community involvement, sportsmanship and responsibility of caring for their horse. NCHA also offers $200,000 in scholarships each year while also recognizing the riders in a Youth Hall of Fame.

Events and Prizes

Over 1,300 NCHA events are held annually with over 130,000 entrants paying in excess of $36m in prize money. There are 20 National NCHA-produced events annually.

  • Over $9,000,000 in prize money awarded annually
  • 7,700+ entrants
  • Over 30,000 spectators
  • Over 110 days of competition
  • In excess of $119,000,000 in local economic impact

We Are Here To Help

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National Cutting Horse Association
260 Bailey Ave.
Fort Worth, TX 76107

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Monday thru Friday 8:30am - 5:00pm CST
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