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Todd Drummond

Aug 31, 2021, 10:06 AM
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Aurora Circuit Finals

May 10, 2021, 10:26 AM by National Cutting Horse Association
The 2021 NCHA Aurora Circuit Finals will be held in Stavely, Alberta


FORT WORTH – The National Cutting Horse Association (NCHA) is excited to announce that the Alberta and Canadian Cutting Horse Associations were selected to produce the 2021 NCHA Aurora Circuit Finals. The Aurora Circuit Finals is scheduled for October 9-10 at the Silver Slate Arena in Stavely, Alberta.  

“We are excited to be a part of something that is taking care of the weekend cutter, especially up here in Canada,” said Les Jack, Canadian CHA president. “I think the NCHA is paying attention, and this circuit finals is a way of paying extra special attention to those cutters.”

The NCHA Aurora Circuit Finals will invite the top 30 competitors from the Aurora Circuit to compete this fall in each of the NCHA weekend classes. For the 2021 event, all youth members who have designated the Aurora Circuit for this point year will be allowed to enter regardless of their place in the year-end standings.

“The Alberta and Canadian Cutting Horse Associations have done a tremendous job of growing and strengthening the sport of cutting in Canada,” said Jay Winborn, NCHA executive director. “Cutters from these regions will have the highest quality of show with these two associations working together to produce it and make it memorable for every exhibitor.”

For additional information on the National Circuit Program and the most up to date circuit standings, visit


Director of Youth

Mike Simmons

Youth Committee

Chairman: Mitch Farris R6

Vice-Chair: Amy Lippincott R7

Shannon Collier (23) R7

Michelle Cowan (22) R8

Casey Crouch (23) R7

Sherry Cowan (24) R2

Barb Himsel (21) R4

Leigh Ann White (24) R6

Kolby Moore (22) R5

Tommy Neal (23) R7

Cindy Smith (23) R7

Nikki Sokol Roberson (22) R5

Scott McKinsey (24) R3

Sabrina Mesalam (24) R4

Kristen York EC



 Purpose of the NYCHA

  • Improve and promote the cutting horse industry
  • Improve and develop the capabilities of youth in the breeding, raising and showing of cutting horses
  • Develop scholarship, leadership, community interest and participation of youth interested in cutting horses
  • Encourage moral character, sportsmanship and clean living among all its members
  • Allow the youth members to learn about the leadership of the NCHA by working in conjunction with the NCHA Youth Committee
  • Acquaint the youth members with the structure and functions of the NCHA

It is a constant goal for the NCHA to do its best to work with and fundraise for our youth members. There is no greater pleasure than watching the children of our industry grow up and become successful adults. All efforts of the NYCHA Officers, Youth Committee Members, and Youth Coordinator are committed to encouraging education and growing funding for scholarships for the youth that will become the future of our industry. Sponsors and donors are always appreciated. Be a part of the future with us!

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